Homemade Fondant


Do you get asked what you want to do when you grow up? I think it’s funny that at 28 I still get asked this question…but I do still have an answer. When I grow up I want to be a baker. I want to make lovely cakes and frosting all day long.  To be a cake baker – it’s probably a good idea to know how to make and work with fondant.

My first {an only until yesterday} experience with fondant was the pre-made stuff you buy at Michaels. I wanted to try my hand a decorating a cake with fondant. I just used a boxed cake* to save time, and then spent about four hours making this happen:

Not bad for a first try. This was before I was really into the decorating side of cake creating. Our favorite Seahawk fan {shout out to LIAM!} loved the cake…but everyone that ate it peeled of the dense bland fondant.

I’ve always heard that homemade fondant is so much better in so many ways. It’s easier to work with, cheaper, and tastier! So, while pinning away** I ran across a recipe for homemade fondant:

I was ecstatic when I clicked the pin and it led me back to Bake at 350! I’ve been a fan of her blog for years! Amazing cookie decorating skills! She had used a recipe found on a few other blogs that I was familiar with, so I decided it was a safe bet to try this recipe.

It was a super simple process. I was very thankful for the tips on keeping your hands greased with Crisco and having a bowl of powdered sugar handy. It’s actually really fun to make- you get to knead the fondant a bunch, which is reminiscent of playdough. The whole thing took me about 45 minutes. I divided my fondant into four balls and made three colors and kept one ball white.

The colors are not as vibrant as I wanted – but I ran out of food coloring, so I’ll finish coloring them before I use them. When they were done, I greased each ball with Crisco and wrapped them in wax paper. Then I put the wax paper balls into a Tupperware and tucked it in the back of my backing shelf to store until use.

Although I had a lot of fun – it was MESSY. It’s hard because the fondant is a sticky process, so you can’t really clean as you go. I also managed to get powdered sugar pretty much everywhere. It was clouding out of my mixer, I spilled trying to pour from my large container into a bowl, and I was throwing it on everything to prevent sticking – bottom line – this is what my kitchen looked like:

Thankfully its super easy to clean up since marshmallow and powdered sugar just melt away with a little warm water!

I’m really excited to use this fondant. Just from feeling it during the kneading process, I can tell it’s going to be much easier to work with than store-bought! I tasted a bit of it and it pretty much just tastes like marshmallows. Go figure. I don’t know if I could eat a whole piece of cake worth – but I would prefer it over store-bought. I have an upcoming surprise project {from a pin} that I’ll be working on soon – so I’ll fill you in on how it turns out!

Happy Pinning! Happy Baking!!

*which is practically against my religion

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    • Fondant is a way to decorate cakes! It’s kind of like clay that’s edible …you roll it out really thin and you can put it on your frosted cake and it make is really smooth and pretty…giving it that perfect look.
      fondant cake

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