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2000 pins and counting!


Today was a landmark day! I pinned my 2000th item on Pinterest!!

34 Boards!

2000 Pins!


And what, you might be thinking, was the infamous 2000th pin?  This DELICOUS looking holiday cocktail!!! I have’t “done that” yet – but I’m definitely going to be mixing this baby up for the holidays…maybe while I’m decorating this weekend!!


Pinned Image

Criss-Cross Short Hair Style


Just like almost every woman I know, I was growing my hair out for my wedding. I got married almost 5 months ago and this is what my hair looked like on my wedding day

{Photo Credit: Kendall Lauren Photography}

I had also been staying blonde until my wedding. My plan was to chop it all off and go back to my natural brown color the next time it was time to get my hair done. Well, my stylist was pregnant, and had just happened to go on maternity leave at the time I was ready to get my hair did. I went to one of her other girls to go back to my natural color.

{Photo Credit: Awesome Self Portrait by Yours Truly}

After going back to brown, I went back and forth on if I was really going to hack it all off. I decided to go an in betweenie length to wait to go short short until my gal was back at the salon. Well – it’s been a long time and a lot of color treating since I’ve had hair that short. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my new hair that can be as fun and exciting as the long hair I had. Which is when I found this on Pinterest

Last weekend we had some friends over for a dinner party and I was trying to curl my hair in a relaxed look. But- when it all got done, I wasn’t digging it down. That’s when the above pin popped into my head. I attempted to recreate from memory:

It definitely wasn’t perfect – but it took about 2 minutes and managed to stay in place for ten hours and my sister complimented to look. So, all in all, successful! It’s a great quick little hair fix. Just grab one section from the right and pin just past the center of the back of your head. Take a matching section from the left and feel just under the line of the first pin and pin to the other side of the center of your head. Take a second section from the right and feel across the back that it’s crossing underneath the first two and pin. Repeat on the left!

What have you done drastically different with your hair lately? I’d love to see it!!

Happy Pinning! Happy Styling!!

Salted Caramel Cupcakes


Salted Caramel: one of the current fads in cullinary confections …and with very good reason… it’s DELICIOUS!! So, of course, what could be better than combining one of the best flavor combinations with one of the best desserts?

I’ve had this pin in my back pocket for a while:

Pinned Image

This is one of the best frosting I have ever tasted! It’s not a recipe for the timid – it does involve fresh, and hot, homemade caramel sauce. Which, involves standing and staring at a hot stove for a while and risking molten sugar burns! But – if you can handle the heat, it’s definitely worth it!! For such a delicious frosting, there deserved to be a delicious cupcake:

Pinned Image

I took just the cake recipe from this posting. I used left over caramel sauce from the frosting recipe for the filling and of course the first frosting recipe.

This recipe made me just under 2 dozen regular cupcakes and 1 dozen small cupcakes. I doubled the caramel recipe to have extra for filling. One recipe of caramel only makes a tad over what is needed for the frosting. However, I was left with a squeeze bottle full of caramel left, this is great for putting on top of apple pie, into coffee or coco, or over ice cream! The frosting was PLENTY to frost all the cupcakes – and leave enough left overs to cover a full batch of brownies a few days later. {And of course, lots of spoonfuls straight into my mouth}

And now, I’ll give you a moment to grab a hankie, you’ll need it for all the mouth watering that is about to happen – if it hasn’t started already!

These were quite delicious, but it was also amazingly sweet. After tasting them, I think I would much rather have the salted caramel frosting atop a dark chocolate cupcake.

What’s your favorite flavor combination? Have you given in to the salted caramel craze?

Happy Pinning! Happy Baking!!