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Things to do in 2012 update: New hair!


Back at the end of the year 2011, I made a list of 20 things to do in 2012. This year is FLYING by and I just got around to checking out the list again!

#2 on my list….Get a New Hairstyle! I had posted this pic off Pinterest in the original post:

Pinned Image

And last weekend – I chopped off a bunch of hair for this cute almost inverted bob! Plus went a tad darker, so it actually ended up unintentionally looking pretty similar to the above! minus the bangs :)


Bonus for you, you get to preview my hair in my weekly baby bump update pictures! Since I had no just hair specific pics :)


Progress of list: 20 things to do in 2012:
1. Make Cute Mittens
2. Get a new Hairstyle
3. Glam up an old pair of pumps
4. Learn to cook tofu
5. Glam up my living room lamps
6. Find a new cute pair of boots
7. Make handmade holiday cards
8. Bake and decorate a funny cake
9. Have a party with fancy themed cocktails
10. Buy something I really don’t need because it’s fun
11. Make cute sugar cookies
12. Make use of our large planter pot outside the front door that has been empty for two years.
13. Incorporate decorative pillows in our living room
14. Paint my nails in a cool way that involves more than one color
15. Try new stitches
16. Repurpose something
17. Make Christmas ornaments
18. Use my crock pot more
19. Learn to make risotto
20. Create a style board


Happy Pinning! Happy Styling!!

A Gift!


With dear friends heading out-of-town for the holidays, we started exchanging our gifts a little early this year. One of my best friends, who obviously knows my heart, got me this adorable necklace!



When I opened it, she exclaimed “You Pinned it!!”….and yes, I had!!

Pinned Image

This adorable little necklace came from Penelope’s Porch on Etsy. If you can’t see in the picture, the little measuring spoons even have the measurements written on them!!! SO CUTE!

Happy Pinning! Happy Gifting!!


Criss-Cross Short Hair Style


Just like almost every woman I know, I was growing my hair out for my wedding. I got married almost 5 months ago and this is what my hair looked like on my wedding day

{Photo Credit: Kendall Lauren Photography}

I had also been staying blonde until my wedding. My plan was to chop it all off and go back to my natural brown color the next time it was time to get my hair done. Well, my stylist was pregnant, and had just happened to go on maternity leave at the time I was ready to get my hair did. I went to one of her other girls to go back to my natural color.

{Photo Credit: Awesome Self Portrait by Yours Truly}

After going back to brown, I went back and forth on if I was really going to hack it all off. I decided to go an in betweenie length to wait to go short short until my gal was back at the salon. Well – it’s been a long time and a lot of color treating since I’ve had hair that short. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my new hair that can be as fun and exciting as the long hair I had. Which is when I found this on Pinterest

Last weekend we had some friends over for a dinner party and I was trying to curl my hair in a relaxed look. But- when it all got done, I wasn’t digging it down. That’s when the above pin popped into my head. I attempted to recreate from memory:

It definitely wasn’t perfect – but it took about 2 minutes and managed to stay in place for ten hours and my sister complimented to look. So, all in all, successful! It’s a great quick little hair fix. Just grab one section from the right and pin just past the center of the back of your head. Take a matching section from the left and feel just under the line of the first pin and pin to the other side of the center of your head. Take a second section from the right and feel across the back that it’s crossing underneath the first two and pin. Repeat on the left!

What have you done drastically different with your hair lately? I’d love to see it!!

Happy Pinning! Happy Styling!!

Blonde to Brunette


Being a blonde is hard. Aside from the insults to your intelligence, there’s the maintenance. It takes a lot of time and money to be blonde, and for someone who is naturally a brunette, those pesky roots start to show after a week! I finally decided, after four years of blondness to go back to my roots and go back to brunette.

I’ve been toying with the decision for a while now, and after we got engaged last year, decided I would stay blonde through the wedding. So, on our two month anniversary I called the salon to make an appointment for that afternoon. Here were some gorgeous brunette pins that helped me get excited.

Off to the salon I went. Wondering if I was making the right decision. I mean, I like being blonde! I love all the different shades that made up my golden locks. I just had to keep reminding myself of why I was going back. One last look at being blonde.

My stylist asked “Are you sure?”…<gulp!> “yes!”. And off she went to mix my color. I flipped through a magazine and came across this fitting photo and laughed that this was pretty much what my before and after was going to look like {minus the boobs of course}

Going from blonde to brunette is not an easy process. I even asked my stylist if I could just buy a box of dye and do it myself. She said “NO NO NO”, that you have to get your hair “filled”. This means they take straight pigment and rub it into your hair. This gives the dye something to grab onto in your stripped blonde hair. The pigment was orange, and turned me into a strawberry blonde!

This part has to dry completely in your hair. Then the dye is applied. The dye was like a light orangey brown color which made me a little worried. I relaxed myself by remembering that store hair dye is white when you start – then it turns to brown. So, as I sat there the dye slowly turned to a dark dark brown.


It pretty much looked like my hair was full of mud! After she finished applying the dye, I had to sit there for another 30 minutes to let it set. Then came the moment of truth. We rinsed out the dye and headed back to the chair to blow dry. I stole a quick peek in the mirror outside the sink room on the way back to my chair – it was amazing and dark and gorgeous! I was so excited to see it dry!

I suppose you can tell from my huge smile that I like it! The hubs is still trying to get used to it. He liked the blonde a lot, but he says this is growing on him. I’m just excited to save some time and money on beauty expenses!


Happy Pinning! Happy Hair!!

Sparkle Sparkle


Glitter. One of the single best creations ever. EVER. I love all kinds of glitter….Glitter eyeshadow, glitter lip gloss, glitter Christmas ornaments, glitter shoes, edible glitter*, and good old fashioned loose glitter. My husband on the other hand thinks glitter is one of the worst creations ever. I think this pin follows his sentiments:

Anyhow – this posting is not about loose glitter or craft supplies. This is about the combination of one of the best creations and the best beauty supplies: Glitter and Nail Polish! I found this gem back when I first started pinning.

I love this big chunks of sparkles. I dreamed about what this would look like on my nails. I’m not one for spending too much on nail polish though – as I usually use a color once or twice and then forget I have it until it gets old and dried out. However – the other day I was wondering aimlessly through the Fred Meyer beauty aisles** I stumbled upon the closest thing to the above picture I have ever seen in real life. Not the multi-colored…but GOLD! This was exciting to me because I have an amazing pair of gold glitter heels as well!

Here it is freshly applied:


Sorry – didn’t mean to scare you with my claw hand…but there you have it. This stuff goes on thick, and I mean THICK. I pushed down on one nail where there was a pocket of clear polish hiding under a pile of gold glitter about 7 minutes after I painted them – and more polish came oozing out. However – you need at least three or four, maybe five coats to make it look like it does in the bottle. This above is two coats. I’m really excited to have an opportunity to actually wear this polish – although Monday morning for work might just be the excuse!

Happy Pinning! Happy Accessorizing!!

*Probably my most favorite of the glitters.

**I love looking at aisles of makeup almost as much as I do school supplies…and that’s a lot.