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Paintchip dots


Another craft idea that seems to be all over Pinterest is using paint chips in your craft.

They’re built in ombre effect is perfect for tags and cards:

Project range from simple like above to more complex like this bird house!

I had a pile of old paint chip colors laying around (because I’m a hoarder) and decided to give them a new purpose.


I was relaxing before bed in front of the TV and thought I’d just start punching these. I used a 1″ circle punch. I had to cut my samples into strips first because my punch doesn’t have a very deep reach.


I just like the look of a million little circles.


I think I will use these to make a little bunting for my son’s first birthday. I’m not sure yet if that means gluing them around twine so they’re two sided…or just sewing them in a line.


For now they’re sitting in wait for the next Pin There Done That Project!


Have you re-purposed anything lately? What would you do if you had a big stack of paint chips?

Happy Pinning!
Happy Crafting!!

Washi Washi


The Washi Tape trend kind of came out of no where and hit the craft world hard! It’s a super cute, super easy way to dress up the drab. You can quickly and easily add a fun burst of color to anything without having to be too overly crafty!

A quick search of the word WASHI on Pinterest and you’re flooded with hundreds of ideas! Like these…..




I recently scored a huge stash of Washi from Pick Your Plum. If you haven’t heard of PYP – go check them out. A deal a day on crafty and cute things. They had two washi deals in the last couple months. I’ve also picked up bakers twine, stamps, lace socks for boots, and paper straws!

I wanted to try something with it, so I looked around my office and my eyes landed on this drawer set. It’s a plain birch drawer set from Ikea that I’ve had for years. I’ve always thought about painting it bright colors – but Washi seemed like a better idea!



Yes – my office is a mess, please excuse :)

I started by just tearing off strips of washing and lining up the pattern.



Here’s a couple of the colors I got in my mixed bag of washi.



I finished covering the front of the drawer. I initially covered up the finger hole that you use to open the drawer.



Then I used an exacto knife to cut slits in the finger hole so I could lay down the washi.



One cute complete drawer!! The rest still sit bare, but I just received my second mixed bag of Washi and it’s screaming at me to finish this project!!




Have you fallen in love with the Washi Tape craze? What have you washi-ed?


Happy Pinning!

Happy Crafting!!

Painted Argyle Wall


Our first little bundle of joy is scheduled to arrive September 23. We have been working since conception on some projects that we wanted to have complete before he got here. Of course, the nursery was one at the top of the list! Before we even decided that we “were ready” for kids, we knew that if it was a boy, there would be an argyle wall and if it was a girl, there would be a paisley wall.

We found out May 4th that baby was very much a little boy and we excitedly went out and bought paint for the argyle wall. The nursery was formerly my husband’s video game room. He had painted three walls dark grey to reduce light in the room, and the wall with the TV was light grey. We decided to keep these greys, and paint the argyle over the existing accent wall keeping light grey as one of the colors.

Here were some of our Pinspirations:

Pinned Image

We decided not to go with perfect squares….so we began looking at diamonds.

Pinned Image

This was ultimately the wall we loved (maybe because it already incorporated blue and grey). Her blog referenced back to an Argyle Diamond calculator on this blog, Silver Spoon Murals. We used the calculator, but then we both argued over how to interpret the results. So, instead we just measured our space and did math.

Don’t be jealous of my Microsoft Paint skills! Anyway, we had 60″ across and we knew we wanted 5 columns of diamonds. So 60/5 = 12″ across. The calculator told us that the diamonds should be twice as high as they were wide, so 24″ tall, which gave us 3.5 diamonds down the wall. With these measurements, we cut out a template in tagboard and held it up. I had to visually see what that size on the wall was before I could commit.

Then my hubs did the tedious job of taping. We taped so that one color could be fully painted:

Then my lovely helpers, mom and grandma, joined us to help paint!

Grandma did all the green paint while mom worked on sanding down, wood filling, and painting the door and frame to give it a fresh new look. Happy helpers!

They did two coats of the green and we removed the tape about 45 minutes after the final coat so it wouldn’t get permastuck and rip up painted parts. Tip: You want to be sure and paint from the tape in. That way, you don’t risk pushing paint up under the tape.

After it dried for two days, MIL came to assist on the blue. Another happy helper!

They had to leave earlier than planned, so hubs finished up the job. Blue and green done!

Then we had to decide what color to make the dotted line accents. I wanted white thinking that would pop more, hubs wanted black thinking that would pop more. We argued discussed this for a while, then I had the idea “what if we get some electrical tape in black and white and do a test!”

After getting it on the wall I initially like the black better, but in more of a “real room” sence. For the baby, I liked the white better because it was more subtle. There’s going to be a lot going on in that room and I think black overwhelmed it. Thankfully hubby agreed!

We were going to make a stencil for the hash marks, but neither of us could really figure out the best way to do that. Then I decided to just tape it all up (this is like the third roll of blue tape this wall has consumed)



I painted in the spaces with white. If I could go back and do this again, I would do it with a small art brush, rather than a big wall painting brush. There was a lot of bleed under the tape, which I think just came from the big brush shoving paint under the tape.


After it was all done with two coats, I pulled off the tape. Since the brush was already in the white paint, I finished up the shelf as well. Here’s how it looks!




Happy Pinning! Happy Painting!!

Monogram Art


Monograms are trendy! I have pinned quite a bit of inspiration trying to decide how to incorporate a monogram, an initial or name into our baby’s nursery.

Pinned Image

Picture From Ciao Mama
Pinned Image
Apartment Therapy
Pinned Image

I also really love the look of this adorable piece of art!

Pinned Image

From The Bed Buggs Etsy shop

I had originally tried to do the yarn covered letters. That was a disaster. Our baby’s name is Owen. The “O” was really easy to cover. Just wrapped it right up without a glue base or anything. The other letters? not so easy. Then I unwrapped them all and tried putting glue down. Messy and still not the right look I wanted. Then after we painted the nursery, the yarn didn’t match the paint. So, I chucked w, e, and n. I kept the O hoping I could salvage another project with it.

We have a bin of empty frames lying around too that we pick up from Michaels when we have “the good coupon” or when they are on clearance. I dug through and found a frame that fit our “O”. I really wanted to do a chevron painted backdrop – but I also just really wanted the project to be done and not sitting around anymore. I dug through a pile of scrapbook paper and found a fun and bold striped one.

I popped out all the pieces of the frame except the actual back. I glued the scrapbook paper right to the frame backing and chucked the other pieces. Then I tied a loop of string (left over from my state string art project) around the top of the O, over the back of the frame back and knotted it around the nail loop. Then, popped the back of the frame back in place. I used electric tape to fully secure the back piece, since all the other pieces (glass, cardboard, etc, that would have tensioned it into place) had been tossed.


Here’s what it looks like! I’m pleased with how it turned out. It was completed with all things that I had on hand, and adds some more pop to the wall above the changing table.

Here it is next to the first piece I completed for the wall, the State String Art.  

If you can’t tell yet, the main colors of Owen’s room are green and blue…more specifically teal and lime. There is a currently unfinished argyle wall in those colors, hopefully that will be what I can share next with you!

Here’s a full shot of the wall that includes the changing table.

Happy Pinning! Happy Crafting!!

The Ol’ Rubber Band Over the Paint Can Trick


I’ve pulled the hubby in for a hand on an in progress Pin There Done That project. He’s earned another “man card” and now I’m patiently waiting for paint to dry so I can show off the finished project!! More on that later this week.

For now, let’s talk more about paint! The above project needed a new paint job. However, it wasn’t a large surface to paint so I got the small can of paint. While I was waiting for HD to mix the color, I wandered aimlessly around the painting accessories section looking at different brushes and other goodies. I looked at the little dishes to put paint into and thought, I should get one of those. Then I remembered that I was getting the small can of paint and that I shouldn’t get a container of the same size of the paint can to pour the paint into. Then I remembered this little trick found on Pinterest:

Pinned Image

Genius! I already have rubber bands, so I can save the $2 on the separate paint dish and just try this!

I didn’t have any thick rubber bands, so I used 4 regular ones bunched together, and it accomplished the same thing:

Yes, I paint with a bright pink drop cloth. And see my fancy new brush!? I tend to be an impatient painter. This time I primed {love} and then painted, and with “scraping” off my brush I was able to do a much neater and cleaner paint job.



Attempting to take acting shots, one-handed, after I was already tired from priming, was interesting. But, there ya have it! The Ol’ Rubber Band Over the Paint Can Trick! If you have bands big enough for a regular can of paint, I suppose that would work too. But, it was SUPER handy with the little can since I could carry it around my project.


Happy Pinning! Happy Painting!!




Drain Cleaner


I have had a chronically clogged drain in my bathroom sink almost since we moved in. Mr. PTDT and I don’t have to share a sink, thank goodness, but that means I have no one to blame the clogs on but myself!! I don’t know what gets it so clogged, but Pinterest offered up an easy and non chemical way to clean it!

Here’s the pin I found

Pinned Image

The recipe is easy! and very inexpensive. Much much cheaper than a bottle Draino or Liquid Plumber – and I even saw better results!

Unclog a drain with Baking Soda and Vinegar

  1. Pour 3/4-1 cup of baking soda in the drain.
  2. Pour 1/2 cup vinegar in the drain and immediately cover the drain
  3. Leave everything to sit and work for about 30 mins (don’t use the sink during this time)
  4. After 30 mins, remove the cover and let hot water run thru the pipes for about 2-3 mins.
  5. Repeat for tough clogs

Here’s a few action shots from when I tried it! First a picture of my clogged sink, hard to see, but it was about 4 inches of water!

I took out the drain plug thingy and poured in my baking soda

This actually filled my drain – so the next time I need to do this, I will use about half the amount of baking soda. Then I poured in the vinegar!

I had to wait a few minutes to pour since my drain was so packed with baking soda. I poured in the rest and then shoved in the plug to the locked position to seal it in

I waited half an hour, and then rinsed it out for 2 minutes. At first it didn’t seem that the clog was all the way cleared. But over the course of the day it started draining faster and faster, and now it drains like it was never clogged! HOORAY!!

Very easy to find supplies, and like I’ve said, so cheap!

Check out the Pin There Done That Store to get your supplies for Drain Cleaner!!


Happy Pinning! Happy Cleaning!!

Wall Art


Since we got married, we’ve really started to work on making this house a home. Being on a very tight budget has made this a little more challenging as well as a test in patience. We can really only tackle one project a week, maybe, and that usually involves finding things around the house to complete the project. However, this has taught me a few things – like all the wonderful uses for spray paint!!

When I saw this wall on Pinterest, I knew it was something we could manage for no cost in our own house! It even had the W initial – which happens to be our last name letter, so it made it all the more inspiring.

When we did our painting project two months ago, everything came down off the walls. I wasn’t ready to put anything back up with the new walls for a while, but while browsing my boards I realized “Hey! We have a W from the wedding laying around…..and a whole lotta frames….this could work”. I drafted up the layout by laying the frames and W on the carpet {which I forgot to snap a pic of, grr}. This sat on the carpet for a good four days before I finally was ready to get it on the wall.

{Yes – that’s Pinterest up on my laptop!} The pictures aren’t all in the frames yet, the Big Ben one on the bottom is actually the picture that came with the frame. But, I wanted to make sure I liked it all before I picked the final photos. I’m really happy with how this turned out. We got it on the wall Saturday before my family came over for Dad’s birthday. They all were gushing compliments about it too! So, looks like it’s here to stay for a while!

There are still a few elements I’d like to add to the wall. Possibly another key, maybe a photo booth film strip. There’s also a few DIY art ideas I’ve got pinned that I’d eventually like to incorporate. Unfortunately, the items that cost will have to wait. But, for now, we’ve got a great new “homey” feeling wall that greets us when we walk in the room.

What do you think? Does your home feel more like home when things are hanging on the wall?

Happy Pinning! Happy Decorating!!

Celebrity Encounter!!


I’m an avid blog reader. One of my favorites is Young House Love. If you haven’t checked them out yet – you should. They are a crazy awesome young couple with one of the cutest babies in the universe, and a chihuahua to boot. They do all kinds of fun DIY house projects, post lots of pics and how to’s, have a great writing style and lots of fun cute stories!

I’ve posted some comments to their blog before and entered some of their contests, but they get hundreds of comments a day! Today…the replied to me directly!! Sherry of YHL, just finished stenciling on of her walls in their new office. At the end of the blog they asked for other stencil stories…so I briefly described mine and linked to the blog post…and….then… Sherry responded! saying it looks awesome!!

Woohoo!! So, yes, I’m calling it my first celebrity encounter of the blogging world!

Carpet Cleaning


WOOHOO! I know you’re excited about this one! I mean, really, what is more excited than carpet cleaning?! Ok – seriously. It’s not that fun, but, it’s necessary. Especially when you have pets. Especially when you have pets that have gone through the potty training stage of their life in your house. Especially when your pet is a big smushy English Bulldog who like to slobber all over everything!!

This is a picture of my dearest love sound asleep, notice the huge floppy tongue and sloppy piles of jowells. One of her favorite treats is ice cubes. If she hears you open the freezer she jumps up and stands at alert – then if you pull out the ice drawer, she comes a runnin! Unfortunately eating ice creates big piles of slobber – as does chewing on treats or toys. Once the puddle is there it seems like all the dirt sticks to it .Then of course there are the additional spitups and other lovely pet things. So, parts of my carpet look like this:

See the lovely stain? I’s also the highest traffic area of our carpet in the house. The tile on the step up that you see in the top of the picture is our entry way, so people walk in the door and right onto this landing. I found this pin for cleaning carpet. She was cleaning an oil based salad dressing stain – but I figured it was worth a shot to try on my icky carpet.

This pin links back to Lizzy Writes, a cute little blog where she writes about whatever she wants! I love it. She was able to get this stain completely out of her carpet! the after picture looks brand spankin new. The directions are simple:

1. Scrape up the liquid (I had already done this weeks ago).
2. Sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch on stain to let absorb for 10 minutes and then vacuum.
3. Mix one tablespoon clear dishwashing liquid and one tablespoon white vinegar with two cups of warm water.

4. Using a white cloth (I strongly believe in microfiber washcloths), sponge the stain with the detergent/vinegar solution and blot until all the liquid is absorbed.
5. Sponge off with cold water and blot dry.

I very liberally started with the baking soda:

I did enough that you couldn’t even really make out where the stain was. Then I let it sit for 15 minutes {because I lost track of time}, and vacuumed up all the powder. Then I made my mixture of dish soap {I used blue because I didn’t have clear, and I didn’t notice any negative side effects} and white vinegar and warm water. I blotted and scrubbed a little, then grabbed a clean cloth and blotted and scrubbed with cold water. Leaving it looking like this

The thing that confuses me seeing this is what actually got pulled out by the cleaning mixture. The more obvious white spot is not the same shape or placement as the obvious stain from the beginning! But – clean carpet is clean carpet, so this cleaner spot was ok with me! I figured the high traffic area is kinda screwed anyway. I decided to pull out the carpet cleaner to try to work on the traffic are a little more. Final product was not too shabby

Not perfect – but definitely better. I’m happy to have this “recipe” of carpet cleaner in my knowledge base for if I do get an oil or food stain. I think this also motivated me to get better of using our carpet cleaner more regularly.

Happy Pinning! Happy Cleaning!!

My Finished Wall!


Ten days ago I started on a project of painting an accent wall in our living room. The first day was a disaster. So I put it all away and tried again four days later. I spent two hours figuring it out and getting a trial swatch of it up on the wall. Then posted about it here on the 9th. The rest of last week was busy with Board Meetings*, Bridesmaid Dress shopping {finally found one}, Game Night, and a wedding!! Finally Sunday rolled around and I had all morning available to me!

I busted back out the ruler, template, level, pencil, paint and Glee and got back to work.

Hard at work painting over my stenciled lines

Mr. W was helping by taking pictures and then playing video games killing zombies.

Oh yeah – here is the original pin that I was working from!

It took a lot less time than I expected after I really had the hang of it. The small chunk of wall from my first post took me two hours. The rest of the wall only took about three hours.

And with the TV pushed back up against the wall:

Yes, I already told you I was watching Glee! I love the way the wall turned out. I’m glad I went for white on light grey. I think that dark grey with light lines would have been way to busy and dramatic. This is light enough that you don’t really notice it while watching TV. When the sunlight is shining on it, you can’t even really differentiate between the grey and white, so it’s subtle. I love it! and Mr. W finally came around to it as well.

Other great decorating news of the weekend…we finally picked up the hutch I found fell in love with from Craigs List. The sweet gal we picked it up from was very sad to see it go – but I assured her it was going to a long-term loving home.

I’m really looking forward to the whole room coming together and finally being done and HOME!

*Somehow I ended up as Vice President of our Homeowners Association.