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Maternity Photos


Our son is going to be joining us next month, so we did the trendy thing and got our Maternity photos taken! I created a special board just for Pinspiration for the occasion: Maternity Photo Ideas.

Here is one of my favorites from the board:

Pinned Image

Photo by: Daylight Photography

I had to have a version of our own done!

Pinned Image

Photo By: Kristina Marie Photography

I LOVE how ours turned out! It was kind of an accident that it was so close to the one I pinned. I hadn’t looked at the board for a few days before our shoot. I was going to make the heart, but I have dumb hands that don’t bend enough. Hubby’s hands made perfect round heart tops! and I LOVE how the stripes on my dress worked wonders on our b&w photos!

Happy Pinning! Happy Pictures!!

1 + 1 = ….


I’m back! I know I’ve been a bad little blogger – but I’ve been busy! And tired! And my next Pin There Done That will show you why!!

Here’s a pin I found and re-pinned 34 weeks ago:

Pinned Image

(Photo links back to this blog:, with original credit to

And…after much patience, we were finally able to get our own shot like this!

(Photo credit: Kendall Lauren Photography,

Yay!! We are having a baby!!! I didn’t know how exhausting creating a human was – but pretty much to the point that I haven’t felt like crafting, creating, or blogging. So, my apologies! Now that the cat is out of the bag though – there are a lot of baby projects, recipes, and house projects I’m anxious to get moving on!

Happy Pinning!! Happy Photo taking!! Happy Baby Making!!!