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Ruffly Wedding Cake


Along with crafting, blogging, working a full-time job, growing a baby, and everything else busy in life….I also do the occasional wedding/birthday/event cake for friends and friends of friends. It’s a passion of mine that I day-dream about becoming an actual business.

A friend of a friend reached out to me and asked if I could do something like what she saw on Pinterest for her wedding:

Pinned Image

This gorgeous cake was decorated by Maggie Austin Cakes

I’m always up to try new decorating techniques! And, bonus, I get to blog about it because the idea came from Pinterest!

Fondant and I are still in the early stages of our relationship, so I wasn’t able to get as intricate and delicate as the above cake. I did a practice run the week before the wedding in yellow fondant so I could see what I was doing better and work on the process.

I just kind of winged it on the construction. I took small pieces of fondant and rolled it into a smooth ball, then rolled it out like a worm. Very similarly to what I used to do with Playdough when I was 5! Then I took the worm and flattened it. I ended up with a strip about an inch wide and anywhere from 6-15″ long. Then I took a Fondant tool that came with my Wilton Ultimate Cake Decorating Kit to ruffle one edge of the flattened snake.

The tool I used was a plastic pencil sized stick with a ball on the end. There are a few tools, cone-shaped, shell shaped, etc, but the ball worked best for me. I rolled it back and forth over about an inch of space at a time to flatten one side out. This causes the whole strip of fondant to curl up since now one edge is longer than the other.

Then, I used a food safe paint brush to brush corn syrup along the bottom (shorter) edge. I then stuck it to my pre frosted and dried cake. I started at the top, and layered down from there. Every here and there I would add a “bump” to the fondant to create a more drastic ruffle. Then, just continued that process all the way down to the bottom of the cake.

For the actual final cake, I then took a thinner width of fondant to make a solid “ribbon” around the bottom to hide the cake board and make it look more finished. The final cake was also two layers. So, after I stacked them, I filled in any tiny gaps with additional frosting, then created the same “ribbon” on the top layer to make it more seamless. The tops of the layers just seemed lacking to me, so I decided to cover the top of them with clear sanding sugar. It definitely pulled it all together!

When I arrived at the wedding location, the bride had provided an antique cake stand and requested a fresh peony from her florist for the “topper”. The whole thing came together beautifully!

It’s definitely a time consuming technique. It was a couple of hours to cover both layers. Plus, I have a weird compulsion about my hands being too dry. When working with fondant, you have to keep everything dry and coated in powdered sugar so it doesn’t stick. This meant lots of breaks and hand washing for me! Yes, I’m weird. That just reminded me though! because you have to use lots of powdered sugar for the fondant rolling, I ended up having to dust off the whole cake like an archeologist when I was done. I took a small paint brush and just dusted off the excess powdered sugar.

Happy Pinning!! Happy Baking!!!


Update: More Marshmallows


Last week I shared with you the flavored marshmallows I made for my sister’s wedding! Click HERE for the original post. I snapped a few pictures of the marshmallows pre-wedding to share with you! I forgot got distracted by champagne and an awesome wedding dance party, and didn’t get any pictures of the S’more station! Her wedding photographer did though! And hopefully, I’ll be able to share those with you soon!

Here’s a look at the pile of raspberry ones!

And…the chocolately goodness

They were definitely a hit at the wedding! I made three flavors, which filled three very large jars by the fire. We were left with maybe 1/3 of a jar at the end.

Here’s a peek at two of the cakes I made for the wedding. My sister had several friends and family bring their own homemade cake to share, and the table was gorgeously filled with a variety of cakes!  The two tiered was for guests, the smaller was their personal wedding cake, which I later decorated with spun sugar and fresh flowers. Stay tuned for the final pictures of both cakes!!

Happy Pinning! Happy Baking!!



Thanks to my awesome Aunt for reading my blog…and providing very quick return on some photos from the wedding of the s’more station!!




More Marshmallows!


My baby sister gets married this weekend!!! She has asked me to be her matron of honor – so needless to say, this week has been a bit crazy trying to prepare! She is getting married outside {pray for sun!} in my parents yard, which is right on the water.  Last year my parents built a gorgeous fire pit right at the edge of their lawn looking out over the water. The ceremony will be taking place on the fire pit landing. After dinner – we’re uncovering the pit and building a fire! I volunteered to put together a gourmet s’more station!

This of course, means more more more marshmallows! While brainstorming with my sister, I offered up chocolate, raspberry, and traditional vanilla marshmallows! Thinking, well my first second go around with marshmallows was successful – so flavored ones should be a piece of cake!!

I scoured the internet for flavored marshmallow recipes. I am a master of Google, so I figured the recipes would be easy to find. Not so much… So, being the ambitions type, I figured I’d just wing it. The original marshmallow recipe came from this pin on my desserts board:

This recipe was immensely successful. Since my day was a complete whirlwind of muti-tasking-baking, cleaning, packing, and scrambling, I failed to take pictures….but I promise to update this post with pictures soon!

Altering this recipe into flavored marshmallows was a breeze!! For raspberry, I bought a small container of fresh raspberries. I picked through and tossed the icky ones {does any one else have horrible luck with grocery store raspberries?!} and put what I had left in a small sauce pan. I turned the heat up to about medium and smashed the berries with a wooden spoon. I cooked them until it was just red sauce with seeds. Then I put my splatter screen over my mixer bowl that was waiting with the gelatin and water. I pushed around the goo til all the berry juice fell in the bowl and all that was left on the screen was seeds. Then proceeded with the recipe as normal. They started out very deep red, but as the mallows fluffed up, turned to a very faint pink. The flavor was so amazing, I didnt’ add any vanilla at the end. I think the only thing I might change in these is to add a drop or two of pink food color just to differentiate further which ones are which. But, if you want to go more natural, it’s totally not necessary. This flavor was SUPER poofy! It grew much more in size than just plain vanilla. They pan was almost full to the brim.

The second flavor I did was chocolate. This time I took a heaping table-spoon of cocoa powder and mixed it in my half cup of water, then mixed that with the gelatin and let it sit in the mixer as normal. These took a while to start poofing, and required much less mixing, about 2 minutes less. I added half the amount of vanilla to these to help boost the chocolate flavor. These poofed up much less than the original flavor, but were none the less delicious.

Both pans are setting in the fridge as we speak. I’m excited to cut them up – but don’t know if I’m going to be able to resist them until wedding time!!  The s’more station will consist of the three flavors of marshmallows, an assortment of ghiradelli chocolate squares {caramel filled, raspberry filled, mint, dark}, and a variety of grahams and cookies to sandwich them it {ginger thins, cinnamon grahams and regular}. I took a batch of marshmallows to a BBQ last weekend to see how they toast up. They cook very fast, so I definitely recommend cooking over low heat coals and rotating frequently. But, the flavor is unbeatable! I may never eat a store-bought marshmallow again!

Here’s a picture of the gorgeous view and the fire pit where the gourmet s’more station {oh, and the wedding} will take place!


Happy Pinning! Happy Baking!! Happy WEDDINGS!!!